Wealth Management

We combine money, financing needs and our best abilities. The outcome benefits everyone.

Petri Niemisvirta, CEO, Mandatum Life

Mandatum Life is a long-term investment professional that offers comprehensive investment and wealth management services.

Mandatum Life as an Investor

Lauri Vaittinen

Senior Vice President, Investment Solutions

For us, patience means an investment process that is based on independent, in-house analyses. Our investment process does not rely on benchmark indices or the opinions of the masses, which allows us to avoid the pitfalls of herd behaviour. If the opportunity arises, we can also swim against the tide.

For us, agility means being flexible. We can wait a long time if needed, but when the opportunity arises, we take immediate action. Our expertise and wide network open up opportunities, allowing us to be opportunistic in choosing the asset class, partner and investee best suited to the situation. At the same time, we take our customers’ special needs into account.

We invest according to a co-investment model, meaning in many cases we offer our customers the same unique investment objects that we invest in through our own balance sheet. We open doors for our customers and we move forward with them.

Responsible investment
Responsible investment is an integral part of our entire investment process. We believe that investing in responsible companies is more profitable in the long run. What is right is also profitable.

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