Investment Insurance and Savings Contract

Save easily and flexibly with Investment Insurance or a Savings Contract, depending on your life situation. We can offer you a way to save and invest that suits your situation and your goals. Tell us about your situation and goals and let our experts select the most suitable investment objects for you.

Investment Insurance combines savings with life insurance cover

Save easily and effectively with a Savings Contract

Choose the solution that’s right for your life situation

Saving for yourself or your loved ones?

Investment Insurance

Savings Contract

Changing investment objects without tax consequences



Withdrawing the invested capital before the returns without tax consequences



Life insurance cover

Yes. The accrued savings are paid as life insurance compensation to the beneficiary even before the settlement of the estate.


In the event of death

Life insurance compensation paid to next of kin on the basis of a death is subject to inheritance tax. The highest tax rate applied is 19%.

Life insurance compensation paid to a beneficiary other than next of kin is subject to capital gains tax.

You can freely appoint and change the beneficiary whenever you need to.

The contract does not end; it continues under the ownership of the estate of the deceased/heir. In inheritance taxation, the calculated capital gains tax on the return is deducted from the contract’s surrender value, which means the inheritance tax applies to the assets invested in the contract and the net return they have accrued.

*) The taxation information corresponds to the tax legislation in effect on 1 January 2018. Mandatum Life is not responsible for any possible changes in taxation.

Or you can choose the investments yourself from our broad offering, which includes investments that are only available to a lucky few.
  • With us, you will find the investment objects or combinations thereof that suit you.
  • You can decide on the weights based on asset class and geographical area.
  • You can combine saving with life insurance cover under Investment Insurance.
  • As our customer, you always invest under an insurance contract, which is a flexible and tax-smart choice.
  • You can manage your savings and change investment objects conveniently on our Web Service.


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