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Digital wealth management

A service where building up your wealth is powered by a co-investment strategy, expert investment services and digital events and contents – all in a mobile platform.

Our digital wealth management gives you access to investments that would not otherwise be available to a regular investor – not on the stock exchange by clicking ‘enter’ or even as an off-the-menu request. We invest according to a co-investment model, meaning we offer our customers the same investments that we make.

Our investment operations are not guided by benchmark indices, but instead by investment selection and allocation; in other words, diversification across a range of asset classes.

More options to choose from

5 ready-made portfolios

Our digital wealth managers will map out the most suitable allocation basket for you from five different options.

A unique way to manage your wealth

Your investment wealth will be managed professionally, over a long horizon. With our co-investment model, investments are also made in objects that are typically only open to professional investors.

Track your investments and make additional investments using your mobile device

In the mobile service, you can see how your investments are performing and whether you are on track to achieving your set targets. Making additional investments is easy.

See what digital wealth management includes:

You can take advantage of our digital wealth management with a lump-sum investment of over EUR 2,000 or by investing at least EUR 100 monthly.

Why begin digital wealth management?

Getting started with digital wealth management:

  1. Start by completing an investor profile questionnaire

    Your digital wealth manager will help you draw up an investment plan that matches your needs. The investor profile questionnaire only takes a few minutes.

  2. We will recommend a suitable investment portfolio

    Once you have created your investor profile, you will receive an investment plan. At this point, you can play around with different investment sums and portfolios and compare the expected performance of your savings.

  3. Select an investment portfolio and enter into an agreement

    After that, you can continue by creating an account in our Web Service. You will have the opportunity to review your agreement and make your first investment.

  4. Activate the service and make your first investment

    Fill in the rest of the information in our Web Service, approve the investment plan and make your first payment. After that, you can focus on enjoying the digital wealth management services!