Employee reward and compensation

Well-planned employee reward schemes improve work motivation and the company’s productivity.

Kiisa Hulkko-Nyman, Reward Services Business Director

When your company has a consistent pay scheme and the employees are rewarded in a manner that supports the achievement of targets, you steer their work efforts in the right direction.

An effective reward scheme gives the company more influence with the same amount of money

Kiisa Hulkko-Nyman

Business Director

When planning total reward and compensation systems, it is important to determine whether the current reward scheme encourages the employees and management to act in the desired way.

With an effective reward system, employees’ work goals are clearer, strong performances can be seen in day-to-day work, and work motivation improves. For the employer, this means improved productivity and a better employer image.

Employee reward schemes can help achieve the desired results if the pay policy and the manner of rewarding employees are thoughtfully planned and actively communicated to the employees.

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