Personnel Fund

A personnel fund is an effective tool for managing, paying and investing the bonuses that are paid to employees

Personnel Fund

A personnel fund is an effective tool for managing, paying and investing the bonuses that are paid to employees

A personnel fund is a cost-effective way for the employer to pay personnel’s performance and profit bonuses.

For employees, a personnel fund enables larger bonuses compared to cash withdrawals.

The fund can be set up by essentially any company or organisation with more than 10 employees.

Why is a personnel fund a great idea?

This is how the Personnel Fund works

Personnel fund is based on Finnish legislation. The basis for the personnel fund is an effective reward scheme. The fund can be linked to an existing scheme or, for example, an entirely new performance bonus scheme can be built based on the existing one.

The company can link the bonuses that are to be paid into the fund, for example, to unit, group or individual criteria. Bonuses can be paid both collectively and on the group and individual level.

We will help your company plan the reward scheme, and we offer a comprehensive service for managing the fund.

Our service includes:
  • The establishment and registration of the fund
  • Calculation and payment of the members’ fund units and maintenance of the members’ data
  • Advisory services for members
  • Fund bookkeeping and administration
  • Wealth management and investment operations

Once the fund is active, the bonuses will be paid into it in accordance with the company’s reward scheme and the fund’s schedule. Both the employer and fund members can conveniently take care of any fund-related matters in our Web Service. Our services for fund members also include digital communication on important events concerning the fund, as well as a mobile app for managing fund matters and keeping track of the development of one’s own wealth. Our customer service is always here for you if a problem arises.

The employee can decide on the withdrawals he/she wishes to make annually: a maximum of 15 % can be withdrawn already in the first year. The share of the withdrawal increases in the subsequent years. The longer an employee keeps their assets in the fund, the larger their accumulated savings will be. The employee will receive the full amount of his/her savings at the latest when his/her employment ends or he/she retires.

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