Personal risk insurance for entrepreneurs

Personal risk insurance for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you are irreplaceable to your loved ones and to your company. Personal risk insurance provides security in case of a serious illness, disability or death. Entrepreneur Insurance covers all the personal risks faced by people who are self-employed.

One in five Finns will fall seriously ill before the age of 65. For an entrepreneur, work absences can be costly. With insurance cover for a serious illness, you will receive lump sum compensation that you can use as you see fit.

Even brief absences due to illness are often directly visible in your company’s result. Disability insurance can help secure your standard of living – whether your disability is brief or permanent.

Life insurance gives your loved ones financial security and makes it possible for your entrepreneurial activities to continue if an unexpected situation arises.

You can include the following personal risk insurance policies in Entrepreneur Insurance

Entrepreneur Insurance: personal risk insurance with comprehensive cover for the self-employed

With personal risk insurance, you supplement your statutory social security and ensure your standard of living as well as the continuity of your business if you fall ill, become disabled or pass away. By insuring yourself, you are also safeguarding your family’s income. Entrepreneur Insurance premiums are generally tax-deductible for your company.

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We make a donation to Tukikummit for every new personal insurance policy sold

By insuring yourself you also help others. By purchasing personal risk insurance, you can help to secure the life of a disadvantaged child or adolescent in case of injury. For each new life insurance policy we sell, we will donate approximately 1 per cent of the first-year insurance premiums towards arranging accident insurance. This means each year more than 1,000 children and adolescents will receive accident insurance.

Mandatum works together with the Tukikummit foundation. The assistance granted by Tukikummit supports the children of disadvantaged families in Finland who are in danger of being marginalised for financial reasons.


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