Nordic High Yield

Mandatum Life’s fund investing in Nordic corporate bonds

Mandatum Life’s Nordic High Yield Total Return Fund invests in the Nordic corporate bond market.

Nordic corporate bonds offer a high expected return. The fund’s running yield in recent years has been around 5-6 per cent.

The Nordic corporate bond market offers the opportunity to diversify beyond the equity market.

Mandatum Life’s portfolio managers have extensive experience of the Nordic corporate bond market.

Mandatum Life’s Nordic High Yield fund diversifies its investments across Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian corporate bonds with a high return potential.

Nordic corporate bonds offer a very competitive return. The Nordic High Yield fund’s running yield, at roughly 5-6 per cent in the past few years, is several percentage points higher than the European and US high yield markets.

Watch a video of the Nordic High Yield’s portfolio managers describing the market:



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