Personal risk insurances for companies

Personal risk insurances for companies

Is your company prepared for the unexpected? Many companies insure their equipment, but not their employees.

Employers can provide cover for their employees during both work and leisure with personal insurance. Voluntary risk insurance provides financial security also for employees’ families, which is a valuable benefit to many.

A responsible company enhances the well-being of their employees and plays a role in safeguarding against potential risk situations – while simultaneously creating a positive corporate image.

Personal insurance taken out by companies is a part of progressive HR policy. Companies can insure either their entire workforce or a specific group of employees.

Personal risk insurances for employees

Companies may take out different types of insurance for their employees, depending on specific goals and needs. Typical types of insurance:

  • Life insurance
  • Cover for short-term or permanent disability
  • Cover for serious illness
  • Cover for hospital care


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With the help of personal risk insurances you are able to provide financial security for your employees and their families in case of serious illness, disability or death.

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Benefits of personal risk insurance offered by an employer

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