Managed Futures Fund

AI-powered fund

Managed Futures Fund utilises Gradient Systems' AI decision engine software in investment decision-making process. Unique combination of probabilistic modelling and machine learning allows fund to achieve positive absolute returns in a variety of market conditions.

An investment fund that combines human market expertise with probabilistic modelling and reinforcement learning to forecast trends in the financial markets.

Comprehensive diversification: multiple asset classes, including equities, fixed income and FX.

Annualized volatility target is 10% to achieve moderate risk/return profile.

Unlike traditional quant funds that rely on static modelling and historical data sets, the Managed Futures Fund uses Gradient Systems’ AI engine to continually update forecasts, ensuring the Portfolio Manager’s investment decisions are informed by analysis of readily available data.

In extensive testing, the Gradient Systems engine has a very competitive performance, showing an ability to benefit from mid- and long-term predictions, even in conditions of significant market volatility. Gradient Systems’s engine can be customised to deploy a range of systematic strategies across multiple asset classes, including equities, fixed income and FX.


Claes Siegfrids
Vice President
+35850 424 7607
Belina Björk
Director, International Sales
+35840 575 3635