Make the most of your customer relationship


Make the most of your customer relationship


Thinking about the future is a good decision. We have created the MandatumPlus customer benefit programme to make preparing for the future easier than ever. MandatumPlus opens the doors to valuable benefits that are only available to Mandatum’s customers. You can find information about the current MandatumPlus benefits on this page.

A benefit for you in digital legal services

A 20% discount for you on all Aatos services.


Your currently valid MandatumPlus benefit concerns digital legal services provided by Aatos. Aatos is an online legal service that allows you to take care of your and your family’s documents easily and affordably online.

Among Aatos’s services are:

            • power of attorney
            • last will and testament
            • living will
            • prenuptial agreement
            • estate inventory

After answering a few simple questions, your document is ready.

As a MandatumPlus benefit, you can now receive a 20% discount on all Aatos services. This benefit is valid until further notice. You can try out all the services at no charge on Aatos’s website.

To get the discount, enter the code “mandatum-20” at checkout.

Get the Benefit

Here's how Aatos works:

Log in and fill in the information

Log in to the service and enter your information. When you begin taking care of a new matter, your information will be entered automatically.

Take care of your matter by answering the questions

Aatos will create the legal processes and documents for you by posing clear questions about your situation and your preferences. Aatos understands your situation and will recommend the best solutions based on the existing legislation.

Sign and save

You can save incomplete processes and completed documents securely in your personal account, “Oma Aatos”. You may use electronic signatures whenever legally possible.


Get information on the latest benefits via email

To make sure you don’t miss out on any valuable MandatumPlus benefits, you can subscribe to our emails giving you information on the latest benefits. You can subscribe easily by logging in to Mandatum’s Web Service and granting marketing permission: simply click on your name in the upper right corner of the page and edit your client information.