Can you see yourself at Mandatum? Take a look at our job vacancies or send us an open application.

Job vacancies (in Finnish)


Can you see yourself at Mandatum? Take a look at our job vacancies or send us an open application.

Job vacancies (in Finnish)

Mandatum Group is a financial sector company that employs over 600 experts in money and life.

Jatta Gerdt, Vice President, HR

“At Mandatum, we share the desire to succeed and achieve something significant. We work through positive energy and joy, supporting one another. Trust and caring create an open and supportive environment where each of us can impact our personal work and shared matters.”

Mandatum as an employer

Mandatum is a respected and solvent financial service provider and is part of the successful Sampo insurance group. Mandatum combines special expertise in money and life and offers customers a wide array of services covering asset and wealth management, savings and investment, compensation and rewards, pension plans and personal risk insurance.

In 2021, the investment operations of Sampo Group and Mandatum Life Group were combined into a dedicated business under Mandatum Group, and Mandatum Asset Management became a sister company of Mandatum Life.

Today we are a workplace with more than 600 employees that strives to create an inspiring work community and to work as one. At Mandatum, our work is goal-oriented, interesting and full of challenges. Our team consists of inspired professionals who work in a variety of tasks and are keen to develop themselves.

Taking responsibility for personnel ensures successful business

For Mandatum, personnel’s well-being is a strategic goal. Excellent employee satisfaction has been a hallmark of Mandatum for more than a decade now, of which in the past two years, the company was ranked as the number one place to work in Finland in the large organisations category of the Great Place to Work Institute’s survey. In the latest Siqni personnel survey, Mandatum received the Future Workplaces certificate for its exceptional employee insight.

Mandatum’s responsibility for personnel also means providing security for employees and their families in case of financial risks. We influence the financial well-being of our employees by supplementing their pension cover and offering them smart ways to save and grow their wealth.

Comprehensive insurance has been taken out for the entire personnel, not only against work injuries, but also against off-working-hours injuries. The Personnel Fund, established for the entire personnel, enables long-term saving under the safety net of professional investment operations, and is an open, transparent and fair solution that aims at long-term benefits.

Leading by example

A good corporate culture is based on engagement, trust and good leadership. At Mandatum, focusing on the corporate culture and employees’ motivation not only reflects the company’s values, but is also part of its business, as Mandatum offers employee reward solutions to its customers as well.

Our future goal is to make even more effective use of our employees’ competence and enthusiasm in developing our business. Leading by example is Mandatum’s vision for its responsibility in personnel matters. According to this vision, future winners will be organisations capable of making full use of their employees’ competence. Employee satisfaction was set as one of Mandatum’s strategic goals already back in 2008, and the company has made it on the list of Finland’s best workplaces for eleven years in a row now.

Focus on the well-being of personnel

Mandatum pays particular attention to the benefits linked to work-ability management and employee well-being. These long-term efforts have paid off: the sick-leave rate has been kept low for years by investing systematically in preventive occupational health care, the work atmosphere and supervisory work.

Mandatum’s employees have access to comprehensive occupational health care services that include, among other things, consultations with a work psychologist, regular ergonomic visits to the workplace and specialist services. Among the practices in place are support for returning to work following a long illness and the preventive early intervention model.

Mandatum also supports various forms of physical exercise and different work patterns and practices that facilitate daily work-life balance by offering, for example, possibilities for remote work and free assistance in caring for a sick child for three weekdays.

Collaboration with educational institutions

Mandatum continuously collaborates with various educational institutions through research work, internships, thesis work and company visits. Whenever possible, we participate in various recruitment fairs, arrange field trips and attend lectures at educational institutions as well as events hosted by student organisations. If you are interested in working with us, contact our Human Resources department:


We annually offer Trainee positions to students mostly in the areas of sales, IT and customer service. We expect the applicants to be at least 18 years of age, to have previous experience in finance and to be able to work a minimum of four months. Our job vacancies can be found on the ‘Job vacancies’ page.

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