Mandatum is one of Finland’s most respected and solvent financial service providers, and part of the successful Sampo Group. Mandatum provides its customers with wealth management, saving and investment services, employee reward and retention and personal risk insurance services.

The Mandatum Group has two business areas, life insurance and asset management. Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited (Mandatum Life) is responsible for the life insurance business in Finland and the Baltic countries. The asset management subsidiary is called Mandatum Asset Management Ltd. 

Mandatum has approximately 300,000 personal customers and 20,000 corporate customers. In addition to Finland, the Mandatum Group operates in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Key figures 2021

Premiums written, own account:

€1,367 million (1,051)

Profit before taxes:

€247 million (154)

Return on equity:

18.4% (14.4)

Solvency ratio:

190% (188)
Return on investments: 10.2% (6.5)

Average number of staff:

638 (576)


Mandatum is owned by Sampo plc, which is listed on Nasdaq OMX Helsinki. Mandatum’s financial information is available in its entirety on Sampo plc’s website.

Mandatum has restructured its corporate structure in the spring of 2021. As part of the arrangement, a new holding company, Mandatum Holding Oy, was established. Mandatum Holding owns both Mandatum Asset Management and Mandatum Life Insurance Company (Mandatum Life).

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Vision and values


Mandatum complies with good governance based on legislation governing the insurance industry and the regulations and guidelines issued by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. As part of Sampo Group, we comply with the Corporate Governance Code of Finnish listed companies.

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Mandatum’s risk management

Mandatum follows the risk management principles defined by the Sampo Group, which also take into account the characteristics of a life insurance company that apply to Mandatum. Mandatum’s Baltic branches follow similar risk management principles.

Internal audit

Mandatum’s Internal Audit is carried out independently of the company’s business operations. Its mandate is to objectively assess and ensure the organisation’s activities. The objective of the Internal Audit is to bring added value to the organisation and to improve its activities. Mandatum’s Board of Directors annually approves the company’s Internal Audit action plan.

Mandatum’s Internal Audit is part of the Sampo Group’s Internal Audit. The Group’s Internal Audit is overseen by the Chief Audit Executive (CAE), who reports to the Group’s CEO and Executive Committee and to the Board’s Audit Committee.

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Management and Board of Directors


Mandatum’s corporate responsibility is based on the cornerstones of its operations: increasing and securing the financial welfare of customers and safeguarding against risks.

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