Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Mandatum’s corporate responsibility is based on the cornerstones of our operations: increasing and securing the financial welfare of customers and safeguarding against risks.

We have identified three material themes in our corporate responsibility: responsible investment, promoting responsible personnel practices in working life and implementing them in Mandatum’s own work community.

Money is a driver of change. Investors have an influential role in solving societal challenges and mitigating climate change. Responsibility is also a tool for investors seeking returns.

It all comes down to people. Through its business operations, Mandatum Life strives to improve the financial security of Finns and promote a good working life.

Taking responsibility for personnel ensures successful business. For Mandatum Life, personnel’s well-being is a strategic goal.

Money is a driver of change


We believe that, in the long run, companies who operate responsibly will yield better results as investment objects, thanks to their more favourable growth prospects and more predictable cost development. The investment assets flowing into more responsible companies put these companies in a better position to succeed, and push other companies to improve their ways of operating.

Taking climate change into account and efficiently managing the climate risk in investment operations is one of the focal points of Mandatum’s investment operations. Mandatum has committed itself to measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of its investments over time. We have signed the UN’s Montréal Pledge and committed to disclosing the carbon footprint of our investments annually. Mandatum Life also works together with WWF Finland to promote responsible investing and to mitigate climate change.

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It all comes down to people

Taking responsibility for personnel ensures successful business

Strategic goal

For Mandatum, personnel’s well-being is a strategic goal. Mandatum has been chosen as one of the best workplaces in Finland for eleven consecutive years. The company’s HR policy is based on the belief that taking care of personnel ensures customer satisfaction and puts the company in an even better position to achieve success.

Mandatum’s responsibility for its personnel also means providing security for employees and their families in case of financial risks. We influence the financial well-being of our employees by supplementing their pension cover and offering them smart ways to save and grow their wealth.

  • The benefits of group pension insurance for employees: supplementing pension insurance guarantees a better income level during retirement.
  • Comprehensive insurance has been taken out for the entire personnel, not only against work injuries, but also against off-working-hours injuries. This protects the employees and their families in the event of a permanent injury caused by an accident or accidental death. In addition, a significant proportion of personnel has disability and life insurance.
  • Mandatum Life’s Personnel Fund enables long-term saving under the safety net of professional investment operations. The Personnel Fund is an open, transparent and fair solution that aims at long-term benefits. Mandatum Life encourages long-term saving by paying an additional 20-percent bonus to employees who decide to fund their bonuses.

Leading by example

A good corporate culture is based on engagement, trust and good leadership. At Mandatum, focussing on the corporate culture and employee motivation not only reflects the company’s values, but is also part of its business, as Mandatum offers employee reward solutions to its customers as well.

Our future goal is to make even more effective use of our employees’ competence and enthusiasm in developing our business. Leading by example is Mandatum’s vision for its responsibility in personnel matters, according to which the organisations that are able to make full use of their employees’ competence will be winners in the future.

Focus on the well-being of personnel

Mandatum pays particular attention to the benefits linked to work-ability management and employee well-being. These long-term efforts have paid off: the sick-leave rate has been kept low for years by investing regularly in both preventive occupational health care and work atmosphere and supervisory work.

Mandatum’s personnel have access to comprehensive occupational health care services that include, among other things, consultations with a work psychologist, regular ergonomic visits to the workplace, specialist services and examinations related to women’s/men’s illnesses. Among the practices in place are support for returning to work following a long illness and the preventive early intervention model. Co-operation with the occupational health care services provider is close.

Mandatum also supports various forms of physical exercise and different work patterns and practices that facilitate daily work by offering, for example, possibilities for remote work and free assistance in caring for a sick child for three weekdays.

Corporate responsibility is at the core of Mandatum’s business